Yoga morning with Lisa McRory

Saturday 5 December 2015

‘…it is in and through the body that we feel our connection with our deeper selves and the world around us.’ Paramananda

Enjoy moving and breathing in this longer morning class that focuses on felt sensation and the inseparable nature of the mind-body.

Through preparatory sequences we will build towards the pleasurable and liberating experience of some of the more challenging asanas. We will, however, keep in mind the principle that yoga practice nurtures us when we pay attention to what we feel. This allows us to prioritise ease of movement and comfort even when practicing postures that require some effort.

The morning will include periods of quiet sitting, breathing, and relaxation. These quiet periods allow time to absorb and integrate your experience so that your practice leaves you feeling refreshed and supported in this busy time of year.

Suitable for those with two or more years experience of yoga, to find out more or to book contact me.


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