Two inspirational teachers

Chloe Fremantle and Paramananda

Chloe is one of the yoga teachers I’ve worked most closely with over the last ten or more years. Today I had the pleasure of attending a whole day of yoga and breathing with her at her home in London.

A highly perceptive, creative and dedicated yoga teacher, Chloe trained with Mary Stewart and worked closely with her for many years. She founded the London Yoga Teacher Training Group, of which I am a part, to offer teacher training, CPD and other courses.

Chloe’s teaching continues to be an inspiration to my practice and classes. One of the many things I will take from today was the use of bramari (buzzing breath) in standing balances. It was very useful for releasing tension, lengthening the exhalation and enabling me to stay for longer with less effort.

Check out her wonderful Yoga Practice Handbook

On the train to London I was reading the art of meditation: the body¬†by Paramananda, one of my favourite meditation teachers. I have not sat a retreat with him (I was booked onto one about ten years ago, but couldn’t attend…) but I love his writing and return to his books frequently for inspiration in my practice and teaching.

His approach to meditation is focused on the body and fits very well with Scaravelli-inspired yoga practice. I was struck by the affinity between what I was reading on the train with Chloe’s teaching:

‘Becoming aware of your breathing is quite an intimate thing to do. It sounds rather different from being aware of the breath. There is no breath without the body and no body without the breath. The breath defines the body…Breathing is not just something that the body does, it is the body.’

The other Paramananda book that I love is A Deeper Beauty

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  1. Virginie February 23, 2016 at 6:43 pm #

    This quote is making me think! Love it! Ho and I went to buy the books you hereby mention, thank you for your recommendations. Much love, Virginie x

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