The Lotus of the Heart

IMG_0505I’ve not posted in a long term as 2017 has been a very difficult and tumultuous year for me. One positive outcome is that I’ve started writing poetry for the first time in 16 years…

The lotus of the heart

The heart has four chambers
and takes four vows

one the promise
of the nut-brown seed
curled tight as an embryo

two the hope
of spring in the green bud
senses ripening, poised

three the opening
of the damp pink skin of petals
an aureole of fleeting beauty

four the giving
of selfless shrivelling and dying
feeding the earth below, and the birds
of the sky

you only have turn inwards
to feel the flowering
of the lotus in the heart.


This poem was inspired by the theme of a workshop I will be teaching with Morgan Marshall on Sunday 18 March 2018 contact me for more info.

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