The centre and the whole

This class is inspired by Move without Pain by Martha Peterson, a really useful book which was recommended to me by fellow yoga teacher Morgan Marshall.  There are some great exercises in it, and I particularly like what she has to say about core strengthening:41pu4-snipl-_sx398_bo1204203200_

‘…conditioned and toned abdominals are important, as is a conditioned and toned body in general.  However, what is more important is the coordination and balance of those toned muscles rather than how tight they are.  Ideally we should be able to instantly and effortlessly call into action the appropriate muscles needed for a desired task.  We should also be able to relax those muscles when they are no longer needed. 

The most helpful technique for strengthening your core is full-body exercise.  When you use your body as a coordinated system, the movement you are engaging in will dictate whether or not you will need to tighten your abdominals and, if so, how that should be done.’

Have a look at the class here – hope you enjoy it!


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