Autumn Inspiration

IMG_0158 (2)


Please wait for the light of the moon-

the mountain path

Is covered with fallen chestnuts



Autumn stimulates a new and familiar rhythm.  The weather, and changes in nature, the return to the patterns of daily life all encourage us to reflect and slow down…Detachment, loss, withdrawal are the characteristics which define the autumnal phase.

From Yoga Through the Seasons



Up early in the dark: a lamp lighted, the sound of birdsong, rain drumming, help hold me in the present

Focusing on the body: the heaviness of legs and pelvis, the weight of the large bones resting on the floor and cushion; curves of the spine rising upwards; the upper back lengthening between the downward slide of my shoulder blades

Sensing inward to the breath; returning again and again

Opening my eyes if the pull back into sleep becomes too strong

With the ending chimes, I notice how the sky has lightened

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