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Skin – skeleton – breath

A meditation in lying, sitting and standing Lying Settling Start lying on your back, either with your knees bent and feet standing on the floor hip-width apart (good if you have any lower back tension) or with your legs long Skin Bring your awareness to your skin by slapping your hands on your thigh muscles […]

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Home practice

Here is the plan of a recent class to help support your home practice. If you want a shorter practice, the stars break it down into sections of 15-20 mins…hope you enjoy it!

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Bramari – the buzzing breath

Working with the gentle yet powerful vibrations of Bramari, the buzzing breath, can help us to release tension and nourish ourselves at this busy time of year. Inhale through the nostrils, and then exhale though the mouth with a long buzzing sound like a bumblebee. In breath the essence of yoga Sandra Sabatini says: ‘…a […]

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Two inspirational teachers

Chloe Fremantle and Paramananda Chloe is one of the yoga teachers I’ve worked most closely with over the last ten or more years. Today I had the pleasure of attending a whole day of yoga and breathing with her at her home in London. A highly perceptive, creative and dedicated yoga teacher, Chloe trained with […]

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Autumn Inspiration

  Please wait for the light of the moon- the mountain path Is covered with fallen chestnuts Ryokan   Autumn stimulates a new and familiar rhythm.  The weather, and changes in nature, the return to the patterns of daily life all encourage us to reflect and slow down…Detachment, loss, withdrawal are the characteristics which define […]

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The feet in yoga

I often say in my classes that if we can sort out our feet, the rest follows. In daily life our feet spend too much time in trapped in shoes, unable to move, gradually declining in awareness, flexibility and responsiveness. Not only does this result in physical pain and discomfort, but it can have a […]

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