About Me

I teach yoga classes in Brighton, and as of Autumn 2021 I’m teaching all my classes as hybrids. You are welcome to come to class, or join online on Zoom.

I specialise in teaching small group classes with an emphasis on developing supportive long-term relationships. I enjoy teaching classes and workshops followed by shared lunch or tea.

You can find out more about my yoga teaching by visiting my YouTube channel which has over 100 free class recordings.

I have been teaching yoga since 2000 when I trained as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher with Peter Blackaby. I have also trained yoga teachers with a group of colleagues as part of the London Yoga Teacher Training Group founded by Chloe Fremantle.

I teach an approach to yoga that respects individual difference and the natural capacity of the body to heal itself. My teaching is creative and non-dogmatic, inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli and Mary Stewart, as well as Insight Meditation and the Feldenkrais Method.

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